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The perfect team

We are are Jasper & Joline and when not traveling with Harry, we live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Making this trip has been an adventure, personal as well for our relationship. You think you know each other, but after living on 6m2 for 24/7, you really know everything. It makes you stronger and more vulnerable at the same time. It's a once in a lifetime experience.


Always his camera in his hand, Jasper follows his true passion for photography and can eat his heart out during this trip through Europe. With his 42 years of life experience, he has a background in the hotel & catering industry and worked over 10 years as a Marketing & Sales manager. At the age of 34, he decides that his career did not make him happy. Now, as the owner of doorpasmodel.nl, a Dutch modeling agency for fitting models, he can work from every place in the world. And make beautiful photos. His main focus are faces & small details. 


With her creative mind, Joline loves to explore new things. Being 31, taking a sabbatical six months has been the best decision in her life (so far :)). She has been working for 6,5 years at the Dutch Postal company in Marketing & Communications and in her last position she was responsibly for all E-commerce Marketing. Graphic design and webdesign are two new addictions, and combining them with living in nature is a blessing. 


Our third Happy Camper is the real one, the one and only. Harry is a Volkswagen T2b campervan, born in 1974. Jasper bought Harry almost 5 years ago. It is registered as a nine person van, but we rebuild Harry as our new home. We love him. He has a 2 x 1.50 meter bed, a 3-stove kitchenette and a refrigerator of 65 liters. 

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