Our Five Travel Tips for Denmark

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Denmark has everything well worked out: the created places in nature with firepits, tables and even toilets. Free of use and so beautiful. The only downside is that the app comes in Danish, but you'll work it out!
Road Sanitary is Heaven
Like we said, the Danish arrange this well. Their land is proper and clean, and so are the sanitary facilities besides the road. And they are available everywhere!
Loppis Are Hot
Don't wait for Sweden to buy things you like: the flea markets are so hot in Denmark these days. They are called Loppis or Lopped and to be found on nearly every small route you take.
Buy Everything Local
Eggs, potatoes, fruits, jam, veggies: Everything you are looking for to prepare a healthy meal you can find besides the roads. Most of the stalls are based on trust with just a can to donate the money. And the taste is as you wish for.
Visit Mons Klint & Copenhagen
White, steep cliffs made of limestone cover the whole east coast of the tiny island Møn. They are in big contrast with the turquoise ocean and that provides an amazing view. Definitely a must see! Copenhagen: an very relaxed atmosphere with a lot of street food markets. Highlight: Paper Island.

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