Our Five Travel Tips for East-Germany

Go And Spot Sea Eagles
Have you ever seen amazingly huge sea eagles flying over or hunting for fish? In the nature around Wolgast you will be able to spot them, even together with their sprouts. They are superb creatures, and it is definitely worth a day sitting in nature and waiting to them to pass. Make sure you bring binoculars!
Waren & Muritz National Park
The Eastern part of Germany has many nature spots which are still quiet rare, just like the Muritz National Park. You can even drive in there with your campervan and make beautiful hikes or do bike tracks. Don't forget to pay the small city of Waren a visit, because that is worth it.
Bratwurst & Schnitzel
Ofcourse we have to add the typical German meat as one of our tips. You can't visit Germany without at least eat it once a week, or maybe even a day. Eat your Schnitzel Wiener style, or with pfifferlingen. Or make your own bratwurst at the BBQ. Yumyumyum!
German Stellplatzen
Germany is a country where a lot is well arranged. So are places to stay for a night or two with your camper. Just follow the signs for a Stellplatz, and you will have a good place to sleep. Some of them are even for free, have free wifi and electricity for €0,50 per KW. Download the app Camperplaats and you will be happy.
Berlin. Just Berlin.
We don't have to add text to say why you have to go to Berlin, or what you should see. It will speak for itself. The only downside we found was that there is no campsite of stellplatz near the city center. So just go there by plane and use AirBnB. Wunderbar.

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