Our Five Travel Tips for Estonia

Wildcamping As It Should Be
The Estonians surprised us in many things. Their free campsites in nature, created by RMK, come with firepits, wood, covered picknick tables, toilets and sometimes even electricity points! App available in English and covers the whole of Estonia. We love it!
Back To Medieval Times
The old town of Tallinn is so beautiful, that you can easily wander around without notice of time. It will be like you'd live the Medieval ages. Amazing and a must see.
Border Security To The Max
Since Europe has free borders, real security when passing from one country to the other is not normal anymore. But in Narva, at the far East end of Estonia, you'll find the border crossing between EU and Russia. Security first class, quiet bizarre.
This Is A Supermarket
In Sweden we fell in love with the Willy's, a huge supermarket with all we desired. In Estonia (and the rest of the Baltics) there is the RIMI. Good quality, big and most of all: cheap! Finding fresh salmon for €5,- a kilo, yumyumyum!
Drive Outside The Dice
The roads in Estonia are of good quality, EU money well spend. It's very easy to travel around, far better then expected. The main roads form a dice; East, West, North, South, everything is covered. But also beside these roads you can find good adventure!

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