Our Five Travel Tips for Finland

Although we have only travelled in Finland for a couple of days, and in Summer, we still decided to write down our experiences in five tips
Be Aware Of The Gasoline
When we arrived in Finland with an empty tank, we encountered the first surprise. Since a couple of years, an additive in each type of Gasoline is mandatory. But this additive is no good for old engines like Harry has. So, finally we just filled our tank only once...
Bring Alcohol From Overseas
Although some fora might say different, alcohol is really expensive in Finland. So you better bring some wine or beer from Sweden, or take the (booze)ferry to Tallinn, cause you don't want to spend all your dimes on drinks.
Nobody Speaks English
The Finnish people are quiet to themselves. They don't consider themselves so much part of Scandinavia, but rather look towards the Russian or stay einzelganger. The people we met couldn't even speak English!
A Place For The Night
We found that finding a place to sleep in the wild is really difficult, in the Southern part of Finland. Many roads are private roads and there are a lot of villages. So take your time to find a good spot.
Finland Is Equal To Wildlife
The moment we drove into Finland, we saw 5 reindeers grazing on a field. In Finland the chance of spotting these great animals is huge, so that's definitely an advantage for this country.

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