Our Five Travel Tips for Latvia

Riga Riga Riga Riga Riga
What a wonderful city is the capital of Latvia, Riga. Not just the old town, with it's medieval buildings and cozy atmosphere, but definitely also the area more north of the city centre. An upcoming neighborhood, with Bar Vest as it's main highlight.
Camp in Someone's Backyard
Camping in the wild is not so easy in the Baltics, so finding a nice campsite is the challenge of the day. But how great is it when you find a easy spot to stay for the night, and it's someone's backyard? It happened to us more then once. Just don't use internet, use your eyes and gut feeling.
Stay on The Small Roads
When you are traveling in an oldtimer like us, driving the highway in Latvia is no fun. Although they made the road being a two-way road, the Latvian drivers make it possible to drive there with four cars next to each other. Be careful!
Talk With Hands And Feet
Because Latvia is situated in between Russian land, the people speak better Russian then English. So work with hands, feet, drawings, signs, everything you can think of to make yourself clear. When you speak a little Latvian, they kindly appreciate it.
Camping Strantini in Plienciems
Just one of the happy places we've stayed in Latvia. Nice big spots, in the backyard of a kind family and next to the beach. Each spot has a BBQ for itself and a covered picknick table, with the ability to buy wood. They don't have hot water, but they have a good wifi connection. Essentials... 🙂 Really nice place to relax for a couple of days!

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