Our Five Travel Tips for Norway

Take Your Time And Enjoy All
Norway on a map maybe looks quiet small, but it is enormous. Everything you'll do, will take longer then expected. Especially driving around. And that is what you will be doing in this amazing country, cause you want to see it all.
Be Prepared For A Change Of Weather
A typical day in Norway can start off in flip flops and swimming short, but ending up with boots and fleece vests. Every 50 kilometer awaits you other nature and thus other weather conditions. Bring a rain coat: you'll be happy.
Behind Every Hill A New Adventure
The nature in Norway is extreme. You can hike, run, canoe, swim, bike: everything you like. Behind every hill, there is another lake with waterfall, followed by another hill ending up in a beautiful valley with more adventures.
A Surplus Of Water And Light
If you travel to Norway in Spring or Summer, you will find water everywhere. Fjords are something unique, reaching inlands for many kilometers. Lakes, waterfalls are flourishing, ferries: a land build around water. And the days are getting longer and longer until Midsummer Night. Heaven.
Trollstigen & Geirangerfjord
The roads are beautiful, especially the touristic routes, but sometimes not in the best shape. Don't do The Atlantic Road, but go from Trollstigen towards Geirangerfjord (or the other way around). You'll never see something like this again in your life.

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