Road Recipes

Our three cooking principles

Since we don't actually use recipes, it would be strange to write them out here on this blog. We just create a meal, using our sense, senses and imagination. Sharing it here, we will visualize it in our own way.
Cooking Tools
When you are on the road, you don't have the space like at home. Especially not on 6m2 like in Harry. So you need to be creative with the utilities you bring. And choose quality.
Being in other countries, brings the possibility to explore and experience the local culture of food. The products they use might be different, but that can create really tasteful dishes.

Our recipes

Indian Red Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice & Veggies

So easy, even if you have only one stove you can make this delicious meal.

Tomato Salad with Basil, Onion & Balsamic Oil

A really fresh salad, perfect for serving at a BBQ.

Package of Salmon with Baked Potato and Steamy Carrot

You can't see the endresult here, but we can tell you it was amazing.

Mashed Potato with Carrot & Smoked Dutch Sausage

Traditional in Holland is to mash veggies with potato. This is the tasty result!