Our Five Travel Tips for Lithuania

Trakai And Her Beautiful Lakes
The nature of Lituania is a charm: lakes and forest are to be seen everywhere. The lakes of Trakai are the most famous and most beautiful. There are enough places to swim, the temperature of the water is heaven and at the centre of the biggest lake you can find the old castle of Trakai. Great place to visit and relax!
Head South West Towards the Polish Border
As said, the nature of Lithuania is very pretty. Especially when you drive from Vilnius west towards Poland. More hills appear and you can find lakes at small almost hidden places. Since nature is magnificent with not that much construction, finding a place to camp in the wild is easier here in Lithuania.
Hip And Happening Vilnius
As is was the third capital in the Baltics to visit, we did not spend that much time in Vilnius. But we did see the airport, which was beautiful and almost looked like a small train station. And we drove ourselves as a small tour group in Harry through the city, and you could see hipster influences and that it had a lot to offer. We will come back one day!
Roads Are In Bad Condition
When traveling in an oldtimer Volkswagen campervan, you often take a side road just to see where it will take you. In this case, in Lithuania, it often can bring more trouble then happiness, since the roads are not in good shape. And when you know it is going to rain.. You should be precocious.
Hill of Crosses Near Šiauliai
The pilgrimage site 'Hill of Crosses' near the city of Šiauliai in Lithuania is a must visit, even thou you are not a Christian or you don't have any warm feelings towards Jesus. This impressive place shows over 50.000 crosses on a small hill. Every sort or size you can think of. Incredible. Read more about it in our blog.

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