Our Five Travel Tips for Poland

Amazing Nature Everywhere
When you visit Poland, in first instance you don't think about their nature. But you should, because it has a lot to offer. The Northeast region of Poland has beautiful lakes and hills, which reminded us of Lithuania. And the area around Wolin, in the Northwest part of the country, is an amazing national park. When you are a bird-lover: visit Poland.
Beautiful Polish Coastline
The North of Poland is fully made out of beach because it touches the Baltic Sea. This coastline is really beautiful and has a lot to offer; nature and leisure. Only make sure you don't visit it during summer holidays, every Polish inhabitant will celebrate their holiday there.
Spend A Day in Gdansk
When you want to see a city what had an important function the the second World War and was a real trading town back in the days, you should definitely visit Gdansk. It has a lovely vibe and because it is situated at the Eastern Sea, there is water around. They rebuild a whole street after the bombings, what is really nice to see. Good place to spend a day or two!
Go And Spot Sea Eagles
Have you ever seen amazingly huge sea eagles flying over or hunting for fish? In the nature around Wolin you will be able to spot them, even together with their sprouts. They are superb creatures, and it is definitely worth a day sitting in nature and waiting to them to pass. Make sure you bring binoculars!
Camping Is A Delight
Being in the beautiful nature of Poland, you might find places to camp in the wild. We decides to stay at paid campsites, and everywhere we came the price versus quality was good. Here you can also choose backyards, what makes your stay cozy. The area around Mragowo was worth a visit.

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