Our Five Travel Tips for Sweden

Take A Dead End Road
Don't be afraid to drive into a dead end road. That way you'll find the most beautiful spots to spend the night. Especially in small towns or near the coastline.
Drink Wine From A Box
In Sweden they sell alcohol in 'Systembolaget', a store owned by the government. And there you can buy wine in boxes. 4 liters a piece, won't expire for 4 weeks after opening. Great invention!
Be Bold. Allemansrecht
The right to go where ever you please is amazing. Nothing can be owned by somebody, you have always the right to be there as well. Ofcourse, sometimes you have to ask nicely, but often you should be bold and just do it!
Harbours are Heaven
Parking, sleeping and taking a shower: a harbour in Sweden often has much to offer. For a small amount or even for free, the harbour offices welcome you with open arms.
East Coast Love & Småland
We fell in love with the coastal line in the East of Sweden from Göteborg to Oslo. Beautiful nature, rocky cliffs and small idyllic towns make it worth a long stay. But the lakes of Småland are a hidden treasure.

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